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Major depressive disorder or clinical depression is a serious mental illness in which sad mood persists for a long time. It results in lack of interest in any activity, it makes a person unproductive and he may not be able to carry out normal daily routine tasks. Clinical or major depression is different from a normal low mood because it persists for a longer period. If immediate psychiatric treatment is not provided to the mentally ill patient the symptoms of depression can get even worse. A person with depression has shattered confidence and very low self esteem. He may tend to isolate himself from the society and prefer living alone. Depression also results in distorted thinking making it difficult to take decisions or understand something. Who is affected with clinical depression?

There is no particular age as depression can affect anyone. It can be related to the genetic factors where the disease may run within a family. It can also develop due to certain social factors. There are people who are not able to sustain daily life pressures and may develop clinical depression. All kinds of people whether children or adults or men or women can get affected with clinical depression.

What are the symptoms of clinical depression?

Persistence of low mood for more than two week is an indication that a person is clinically depressed. Clinical depression is different from common blues because depression or low mood persists for longer period and can result in absolute withdrawal from daily life activities. Whereas, the common blues are temporary and can easily be overcome by doing things one likes. Clinical depression results in lack of productivity, a person may tend to avoid all kinds of activities, a person may not enjoy things he once used to enjoy, constant negative thinking about people and circumstances, hopelessness, worthlessness, shattered confidence and trust in other people, severed relationship with others even close family members, suicidal thoughts and lack of motivation and initiative.

Can clinical depression be cured?

Clinical depression has no known cure but it can indeed be managed through the combination of antidepressant medicines and psychotherapy along with regular workout routine and a healthy diet. A person with clinical depression can lead a happy and normal life provided that he takes antidepressants as prescribed by the psychiatrist and seek regular psychotherapy to restore self confidence and must engage in something productive in order to avoid negative thoughts. A psychotherapist can teach such patients as to how to challenge their negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones as to avoid feelings of worthlessness.


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