ASK A QUESTION I need help on my homework. Changing plural to singular and vice versa to make question or sentence correct Contents

ASK A QUESTION I need help on my homework. Changing plural to singular and vice versa to make question or sentence correct nosotras/ser/un/profesor/interesante I changed it to nosotras/somos/el/professor/interesante Juan y Felipe/ser/un/hombre/introvertido, 1 Answer You probably know what a noun and an adjective is, what you probably don&apos,t know iswhat are articles. These are the articles statistic homework help. Nosotras somos unas profesoras interesantes. Nosotras means and it is a group of women. (feminine and first person plural) So we must use an indefinite article that agrees in gender and number.

It is feminine, and it is plural, so we use &quot,unas.&quot, Since we are taking about more than one teacher, we say profesoras. We use oras as the ending if the word is for females and ores if it is for males. Finally we have the adjective interesante. Generally if an adjective ends in e, to make it plural all you must do is add an s. Just as a note, when using ser and professions, one usually does not use any articles, in this case

Ustedes is third person plural. We have no basis for gender, so we will use masculine (masculine is the default gender used most of the time) So we just change the indefinite article to feminine again, the noun to feminine, and the adjective to feminine.

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